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Restore, Recharge and Rejuvenation Retreat- Tiznit, Morocco- 10th July to 14th July 2024

πŸ’₯Men's health and wellness yoga retreats offer a transformative journey, blending the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern approaches to holistic well-being. These retreats provide a nurturing environment for men to reconnect with their bodies, minds, and spirits. Through a combination of yoga practice, mindfulness techniques, and nourishing meals, participants cultivate inner strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Surrounded by nature's tranquility, men find solace and rejuvenation, fostering physical fitness and mental clarity. These retreats serve as a sanctuary for men to prioritize self-care, recharge, and embark on a path towards vibrant health.

10th to 14th July 2024 Restore, Recharge and Rejuvenation Retreat- Tiznit, Morocco- 10th July to 14th July 2024


πŸ’₯Come and join us in a restore, recharge and rejuvenate retreat designed to invigorate one’s mind, body and soul. 


πŸ’₯Nestled within the small walled-city of Tiznit within close proximation to Agadir, join us at Riad Janoub where you will  immerse yourself in an unforgettable and  intimate journey of self discovery.


In just 4 days, you will witness the power of change as you rewire your mindset and lifestyle. 


Embrace habits that nourish your body, expand your mind, and revitalise your spirit. 


This immersive experience isn't just about shedding the old; it's about welcoming a revitalised, empowered self—one ready to embrace a life of wellness, growth, and purpose. 


Programmed sessions include connecting with nature, grounding, daily yoga asanas, Reiki, meditation, breath work, vocal toning and sound healing. 


And not only that… during your stay, you will be spending quality time bonding with a group of like-minded individuals exploring the area, enjoying some quality mealtimes together, going on various excursions, making memorable experiences and connecting as a whole.


Retreat inclusions:


πŸ’₯Accommodation (4 nights, 5 days)

πŸ’₯Airport transfers

πŸ’₯Daily Breakfast

πŸ’₯Pool-side relaxation

πŸ’₯Aglou Beach Yoga & Meditation excursion

πŸ’₯Full day Tafaroute excursion

πŸ’₯4 x additional meals including:

    * 1 x Lunch

    * 1 x Arabian themed Dinner

    * 1 x Souk and Cook

    * 1 x 3-course Dinner

πŸ’₯Options for 1-2-1 Reiki & other local acitivities*

πŸ’₯Daily Yoga | Reiki | Meditation | Breathwork | Sound healing & more


Other Local Activities & Experiences *

Horse riding  

Quad biking  


Camel riding 

1-2-1 Reiki with Mimi 

Local Hammam experience + transport + option for massage 

Tiznit Walking guided tour 

Full/half day excursions - enquire for further details.

Agadir, Morocco